Trophy Hunting

Queenstown boasts some of the best hunting in the world with access to a wide variety of game animals including fallow deer, red deer, whitetail deer, chamois and himalayan thar.

We will design a hunting experience you want, whether it be a Big Boys Adventure sleeping under the stars or a luxury lodge in preparation for that elusive trophy Red Stag. Hunts can be out for a half day or over several days depending on the season and what you animal you are targeting. We provide all firearms and all the other equipment you will need to make this a trip you will never forget. Great hunting is available all year round in this region.

Red deer

Red stag are a large deer with a body weight of around 400lb. They have large and unique antlers with trophy heads of 6×6 (12 points) and more. Some heads can be over 20 points.

The ‘rut/roar’ starts late March and ends late April. This is a prime time to hunt stags, as they are vocal, roaring out challenges to other stags. Red stag can be called in close by roaring out challenges to which they respond to.

Red stags can be hunted from February to September. Hinds (female) and management animals can be hunted all year round.

Himalayan thar

Himalayan Bull Thar are the ‘King of the Mountains’ in the Southern Hemisphere. They are one of the most sought after trophy animals in the world and one of the hardest to acquire, living in some of the steepest terrain you have ever seen.

Himalayan thar – as their name describes are from the highest peaks in the world, the Himalayas. They were first released in 1904 on Mt Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand and have thrived. A big bull thar can weigh up to 300lb and it is an impressive sight to see this magnificent agile animal navigate the steepest terrain. Access to thar country is generally with the use of helicopter, an exciting experience in itself, and will help save those legs.

Bull Thar and nannies can be hunted all year round. The ‘rut’ for bull thar is from May through to August in which they group up with their ‘nannies’ (females). Bull thar produces one of the best hides and neck capes of any game animal, during the winter months (April – August).

Fallow deer

A feature of fallow deer is the pal-mated antlers, being flat similar to those of a moose but on a smaller scale. The fallow herds surrounding Queenstown are a beautiful black colour; however we also have access to the very rare and unique “white” fallow. The ‘Rut” for fallow deer begins in April and continues until the end of May. Hunting fallow bucks is available March through September. Does (female) and management animals can be hunted all year round. Fallow buck during the ‘rut’ get very aggressive towards other animals and vegetation. They are very vocal with a croak like grunting noise as the buck protects his females or issues his challenge to other bucks.


Chamois in the Southern Alps were introduced in 1907 and are the only free ranging population outside of Europe and the Middle East making them a very sought after trophy in New Zealand.

Chamois are an agile alert mountain antelope that has the sharpest of senses. There are good populations near Queenstown where they live at high altitudes above the timberline in the alpine environment. Both buck (male) and doe (female) are regarded as top trophies that produce similar horn growth.

Chamois are hunted all year round with their ‘rut’ being April through to June.

Wapiti (elk)

Elk are the largest round horned deer in the world and can weigh up to 1000 lbs. They were introduced to New Zealand from North America in 1905 and are the biggest of the New Zealand deer species.

Bull elk antlers will often exceed sixty inches and exceed 6×6 (12 points). New Zealand is regarded as one of the premier hunting destinations in the world to secure a big trophy elk.

We hunt elk from late February to September. The prime hunting season for an elk bull is during their rut, which begins in March and goes until the end of April. During the rut bulls have a loud vocalization consisting of screams known as bugling, which can be heard for miles.

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